Sunday, March 16, 2008

Handphone replacement

I have N6120 Classic. It is less than 3.5 months old and already giving me a problem. At times after a period of being idle, the screen will turn blank and any key pressing will just lit the back light without giving much response. To get it back to normal, I have to take out and then put the battery back.

What really surprises me is the unwillingness of Nokia Care Centre to actually replace the handphone. I have given them chance to repair the phone once last week and it returned back to me, saying repaired, on Friday. This morning, Sunday, the same error happened again. The lady in Nokia Care Centre I went this morning merely said I should give them chance to repair the handphone and she promised to get her engineer to repair it this time round. Last repair was by a technician. Wow, that statement really implies that Nokia's technician is not properly train. I wonder what has happened to all other handphone repaired by the technician!!

I wonder whether Nokia management ever considered the transport cost, time cost, and grief cost of customers who have to return repeatedly for same kind of problem, yet no replacement can be done. Amazing... really...

And the lady emphasized further that to even a replacement takes a month to come. Wow, what a poor supply chain they have, I thought. How could obtaining a piece of N6120 Classic takes 1 month. Is my handphone so unique such that they have to reconfigure the entire manufacturing chain for my handphone? Not that it's only for mine.

I am really under the opinion that Nokia is under a big and heavy lullaby thinking that being big will just spare them for all the worst that can come. After all, their market share is so big and the tendency for such a company to really go lax on customer satisfaction is not unthinkable at all. I am really disappointed by Nokia. I am having far better service from Siemens' customer service, despite it being outsourced some years back. Too bad Siemens' mobile phone is not particularly of the proper standard.

Unless Nokia is doing something about its customer service and quality control, I feel that the downfall is coming soon. After all, Nokia 5300 is already having so many complaints due to error. It's not difficult to imagine that in not so distant future, some of its model will really go bust and its poor customer service will just accentuate the dissatisfaction further. I wonder what will they do to repair such situation by then.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Singtel and loan phone!

Bah, just given my Nokia phone to Singtel for repair, after a mere 3 months use. Asked for a replacement phone and was given N8210! What an outrageous handphone replacement.

Furthermore, despite being a company that deals with communication and in a sense information, the company seems to disregard information security altogether. I found tonnes of other people's contact in the loan phone! I realized that the numbers could have simply be there from the previous person having the loan phone. But still, Singtel as an established and respected company should have simply and easily press several key to delete all the contacts from the phone before passing it to another person.

What a nightmare if the loan phone was at a bad guy's hand.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easy tuna spaghetti

Just cooked tuna spaghetti ala myself. Nice one :)

1 can of tuna chunks in water/ or tuna flakes; dry the water
few leaves of lettuce, chopped
2 tomatoes, chopped
3 pieces of garlic
1/4 pieces of onion
3 teaspoon of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
dash of pepper

Heat the oil.
Put in garlic and onion, stir till the smell is nice
Put in the tuna, cook for a while
Put in the tomatoes and lettuce
Stir till all are cooked nicely
Put in evaporated milk to your taste
Drizzle salt, pepper, sugar