Sunday, January 11, 2009

GM food

There are so many contradicting publications and study on Genetically Modified (GM) food. How could one feel safe consuming such food if there is no agreement on the safety. I wonder what's the difficulty of getting organizations like greenpeace and the producer of GM food to sit together and form a neutral party to study the GM food that is intended for release? The study result from a group of scientists consisitng of both contending party surely will calm the population, doesn't it? The uncertainty posed by GM food is quite real since there is no one on earth that can safely say that modifying gene A will not cause any harm or any other mutation or change of function of other genes. However, the potential posed by GM food is equal if not greater since GM food potentially allow better products as in bigger quantity or quality. Hence, I would feel that rationally both contending parties should really sit together to figure out how to resolve their differences for the sake of humanity. Just get a group of capable scientists, neutral, if not get an equal group of scientists supporting different stands and carry out a study on the GM food!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel and Gaza

I think the world has to learn that in all things there two sides of a coin.

When the world condemn Israel for the ground intrusion and calls it a terrorism, the rocket attack to Israel from Gaza should be equally condemned. It's strange that after millions of years, human never realize the chaos and bitterness that an eye for an eye causes.

MRT having more spaces for passengers

Recently I realized that more SMRT trains are having cars without seats, i.e. you can only stand in that car. It greatly increases the number of passengers that train can take and smartly, the "standing car" is alternate between normal car. I find it as a very smart and effective measure since when the train is very crowded, one would be more or less forced to stand all the way through in the standing car unless one finds it rational to squeeze through the other standing passengers to another car to test his luck in finding empty seat. This new train set up surely will make the shareholders of SMRT very happy people as it lowers the maintenance cost (i.e. no more seat to repaint and replace) and hence, the profit. It surely will supplement the increase of transport fare due to the oil price increase, which amazingly when the oil price drops, the minister said that the transport fare is NOT linked to oil price. What an amazing counter argument.

Backpack posture

I see a lot of teenagers in Singapore like to let their backpacks hang low to their buttocks. Perhaps to avoid feeling hot, damage to their long hair (for ladies), or simply due to peer pressure. A simple search on the net at shows that it's not good to hang the backpack that low. even provides a good load of academic journal on backpack links to injury.

Nevertheless, I still use a backpack although I strongly advocate using the backpack snuggling fit to one's back and put it sufficiently tight to the body to evenly distribut ethre weight across the body.