Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Private transport (private bus, van or car)

I am starting a new job in Changi South about April 2012 and I am looking for a private transport in the morning and evening. I need to reach office about 8.30 AM and leaving at 6 PM. I have been trying hard to find over the internet but can't find anything. So I hope this blog post allow people who are facing same issue to post and maybe I can work out something.

I am staying in the West (Choa Chu Kang / CCK, Yew Tee) and hope to travel to Changi South Street 1 (can be Expo, Changi Business Park or any other Changi South areas).

Please comment if you are also looking for one such transport (i.e. maybe we can pull enough people to start one service) or if you are the relevant service provider. Thanks.