Sunday, June 15, 2008

Public servant

I heard a very truthful comments from my friend about public servant in Singapore. She said the public servant has forgotten that they are serving people not people serving them.

Well, if we are to examine the phrase "public servant", it's quite clear that the person is in the position to serve the public. However, often, nearly all the time that I face a public servant in a public office, it's I who is supposed to bow to them and follow their half-hearted explanation. Especially in Singapore, we'd often be asked to attend a preset meeting by the government office on working hour! and you are of course allowed to change them, but for another working hour at an appointed day! Outrageous. Not that I don't appreciate that the public servant is also a normal employee. It's just that any appointment should be agreed by both parties, not being dictated by one party feeling themselves as the King!

Well, that's what you'd most likely find in Singapore.

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