Friday, May 29, 2009

Acer Service in Singapore

I have just returned from delivering my Acer Travelmate 3280 to Acer Service Centre in International Business Park, Singapore.

Let me give you a straight fact right, that many Acer purchaser never knows unless they visited the service centre for repair: NO ON THE SPOT SERVICE.

I repeat: There is NO ON THE SPOT SERVICE.

The service given is basically filling form and submitting the form along with your laptop / desktop / whatever to them and go back. So in fact, it shortens your wait and cut their cost on Saturday at least since they don't need to employ many staff to handle.

Just now I heard a Filipino couple who was confused by the inexistence of on the spot service. They claimed they were told (or perhaps reading their terms and conditions), that there is on the spot service. Do not be fooled. There has not been on the spot service since early 2008 as far as I know.

And as far as I can understand, normally your terms and conditions allow the supplier to change their terms any time without telling you. Well, not sure of other countries, but this is Singapore.

What the couple said while taking the form (something like this): "No Acer laptop again!".

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