Friday, September 7, 2007

Luciano pavarotti left his mark

Luciano Pavarotti was called back to God. He was a great opera singer and has left his mark. For the outsider like me, he looks like a person who has lived his life to the fullest. But, who knows how he really feels inside, huh?

His death kinda reminded me of late Mother Teresa's letters that talk about her darkness in her search for God. Human soul is too deep to understand and the corner of the soul normally is a kept secret, even to the dearest one. So, it is very normal for even saint-like people to doubt her faith in such a way. It's not in the sticking out with strong faith all the way but it's the resilience and persistence to stick with the faith. That's what matter. The struggle to maintain faith is something that has to be learned and even more difficult to maintain. The choice to stick with it, that's the strength.

A writer some day ago wrote in The Straits Times criticizing Mother Teresa's portrayal of Kolkata. The author blames her for equating Kolkata with the downtrodden saying that Mother Teresa has covered up the resilience of the town. I can but wonder whether the author himself is not deluded into doing what he seems to hate. That is to see only the bad effect. After all, Mother Teresa has tried her best, always. She helps many despite their background. It's the media that brings up the news and sensation. I don't think it's Mother Teresa's will for her work to be exposed in such a manner anyway. So, perhaps let's just cherish the good work and learn to face the truth that there are many other poor people in so many other cities. Mother Teresa is but one human who has tried her best to live her dream and helps as many as she can.

She has died living a legacy. Pavaroti as well, has died living a legacy. It's not a comparable persons of course. The key point is to treasure the living ones and understand that every one can make a difference.

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