Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ode to Robert Jordan

Sigh.... Little did I realize that Robert Jordan, the author of the Wheel of Time fantasy series has actually passed away on 16 September 2007. :( My wait for the series completion shall no longer be satiated. Would the notes that he passed down to another author enable the new author writes the book in his style? That will remains a question. I'd prefer the story to stay as it is, incomplete, simply because that's original.

I have been greatly touched by his book. First introduced by my best friend, I have been hooked and followed the series till the "Knife of Dreams". Despite many people critiquing that the stories becomes very political, I believe that was what he intended to do. To write about power struggle without political conflict is simply impossible. Somehow, I tend to think that everyone is more or less playing politics to a certain level. It only depends on whether to use it for something wicked or just to ignore it.

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