Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Work as if it's your last day in the job!

Some of you could be thinking that I advocate laziness and idleness in work. I will disappoint you that I actually intend to ask you to work harder! :D

At jobs, many of us tends to just work our way through the day without much thoughts. In the end, complacency and contentment set in and we'll be just there, as in there... hanging in the air, not moving spiritually and mentally. Not moving forward to be a better person each day should have disappointed you. You are not created to be just in status quo! Work as if it's your last day in the job and keep innovating. Keep your minds moving to ensure that if you are sacked or decided to change job that day, you'll be able to get a better one in no time!

At times jobs are segregated very well such that every single person is very specialized and very skilled in their jobs. The process might be such specialized and compartmentalized that once the owner of the process decides to change job, the company would be at loss. Even a sick employee might delays the process. How could it not be if the job segregation allows only the process step owners to understand the step? A company should be designed, ideally, to keep moving and productive even if suddenly they lost 50% of their staff strength at the same time. A process step should clearly identified such missing employees (due to sickness or holiday) will not derail the projects.

Team leaders should actively understand the status of their junior colleagues' project and have free access to the project's item. The managers should be able to recall all projects' status and to even do what the junior employees do when needed. One should work such that one is not indispensable but to ensure that other people can easily take on and continue one's job easily. By doing so, one can easily be sick and take a holiday without fear because one can be sure that other people can easily continue one's project without much adverse effect on timeline and quality! Wouldn't you wish to take leave easily without having to be afraid of getting called by colleagues to ask about any work? :)

So, work as if it's your last day in the job and ensure that you can take leave without having to worry about your job (provided you are a responsible person, some people might not have the work ethics to even consider this matter). Work as if when you leave, you won't cause any adverse events to the company! Be responsible today and learn to be a better person! Trust me, it's not easy to work as if it's your last day in the job, responsibly.

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