Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Facebook craze

Many people are active in facebook nowadays! I found myself spending quite some time in it to play defense of the ancients. Nothing beyond that though. There are just too many things to do there. It has such an open environment for numerous aspiring programmers out there that the applications are overwhelming for me. Imagine having 10 notifications on invite to use this or that application from my limited number of friends. Amazingly tedious just to click ignore, not that I don't appreciate their invitation. I just don't have the time to even click 'Ignore'.

Facebook may really reduce lots of productivity with its tonnes of application. I bet there are some people who spend their entire night gluing their stares to facebook. There should be a phrase called facebook addiction!

Perhaps those time spent on facebook should be spent in the real world calling or talking face-to-face with friends. It should enable more fruitful words exchange and emotional conversation. After all, virtual is still virtual. It's cold and will stay cold despite all the flowers and sort being sent.

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