Monday, November 5, 2007


It has become a norm these days for wealthy businessmen/ businesswomen to say "Grades is not everything, the rich people are normally not the first class honours holder but those that merely scrap through the academic life". Normally, people nod their heads on this opinion. I, as one of those grateful of my good grades from my hard work, tend to feel discriminated and disregarded by the opinion. Somehow, nowadays, the consideration of success is in how much money you can make. It's so sad that the so much well-meant word "success" has degraded to such a level.

A search using wordweb dictionary gives the first definition of success as "An event that accomplishes its intended purpose". Hence, it's not really the wealth that should be the measurement of success. Those top students, who earn their grades, are actually successful people as well. After all, they accomplish what they set out, that is to be top students. But hey, why should al the rich people kind of condemn the smart people? Being smart and not rich don't give the wealthy to look down on them! Success should not measured by the wealth. Some people enjoy working for others. Some people enjoy just being as what they enjoy at the moment. Success is the feeling of accomplishment after all, not the wealth.

It's even sadder to see that some business people are looking at their success in terms of ability to employ the smart and work the smart people's asses off without paying them properly. I read that somewhere. Not many people look at the opinion of those wealthy men/ women as a discrimination, but I do feel discriminated despite the fact that I do feel successful having a job, a pretty and nice girlfriend, and many nice real friends. I feel hurt by the opinion and I do think that they need to look further than money as a fulfilment of life. :)

Money buys happiness in short term, but won't buy the real happiness.

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