Friday, November 30, 2007

MRSA and silver

The craze and fear of MRSA seem to benefit mostly hardware producers. I've read a number of silver related products being boasted on and on to supply protection to MRSA. Those hardware companies are jumping the wagons based on the MRSA fear. They seem to play it well. The fact left unsaid in all articles regarding the company and the product is that silver has been a controversy in the use of it.

Taken from,
"In a laboratory-based study, van Hasselt et al [96] examined the antimicrobial properties of three types of colloidal silvers against a range of test organisms, showing a complete lack of activity and concluding that 'claims of its potency are misleading and that there is no place for it as an antiseptic'."

Hence, be very careful with the use of silver, not all silver formulation shows bactericidal activities. Not all effective silver formulation maintains its efficacy in body fluid. After all, body fluid has totally different components not possibly replicated in completion in laboratory,

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