Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008 to you who finds this blog. :-) May the year of 2008 brings you peace, prosperity, and good health.

Writing about good health, don't ever disturb someone's sleep again!
A research shows that disruption of deep sleep once too many times may increase the risk of getting diabetes 2. Weird as it sounds, but be very careful. :-) Your pastime might kill someone.

On another note, more reasons for you to get your man to bring you to eat your clams.
A couple found an irisdescent purple pearl inside their clams! Pity the cook who is too engrossed in preparing the food, if not they could have found it first.

O yah, I spent my new year's countdown in Changi Airport. Sadly, for an airport touted as the best in the world, not even a sentence of Happy New Year 2008 is uttered by the operator. Every person in the arrival hall seems fixed on finding their relatives/ friends/ loved ones such that none of them seems to aware that the clock has ticked past 12 midnight. I guess New Year is no more something special. People seems to take time for granted. It's eerie that people shall forget that time is no longer in their minds.

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