Friday, December 28, 2007

Singapore Airlines

After flying Singapore Airlines to Jakarta from Singapore (pp.) twice in a month, I can vouch for the uniquely Singapore Airlines' experience. The seat feels another notch higher than Lufthansa. The provision of hot towel is amazing. The feeling on hot towel on your face ebbs away a bit of your tiredness. The felt and at times practiced freedom to ask for the drink you wish for (as long as they have it on flight), the ability to choose between 2 meals, and the hard effort of the steward/ stewardess to smile are really worth the premium price! At least the meal from Singapore Airlines is decent, not like the burnt pastry I got from Valuair or pathetic Sandwich from Lufthansa.

Not a big wonder that many people around the world chooses to fly with Singapore Airlines despite having to pay higher price. The flight experience is at least 10 times better than budget airlines despite price difference of far less than 10 times. Hahahaha....

Perhaps people would argue that the flight is a mere 1.5 hour. Hence, if it's possible to save money, we should really save the money. However, on another note, the less convenient, or far less than satisfactory flight experience might really worth far more than the save money for many people.

It's a freedom to choose but perhaps noting the value instead of just staring at the price should sway the choice.

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