Saturday, December 29, 2007

IPOD Classic 80 GB

Recently, to my surprise, my company gave everyone an IPOD Classic 80 GB! Wow, I thought, what an amazing gift.

After admiring the IPOD and being overwhelmed for a while, I start to think about what to use the huge space for. At the end of the day, I can't think of anything. Even after loading my songs into the IPOD, I have only filled less than 5 GB of the space. What should I use the 75 GB for??

I bet some people are filling the IPOD with DVD file, but I don't think I'll squint my eyes just to watch any video off the IPOD screen, which is merely 2.55". Audiobooks? Nah, I don't fancy that as well. Podcast? Erm... I am not so grateful for all those podcast as well. Even with all those items, I don't think 80 GB is necessary. Why do you want to keep 10 DVDs in IPOD anyway? or 1,000 podcasts? I can't think of any reason. I'd love to learn some of the reasons though.

Hence, I personally think that unless one need 80 GB of IPOD to fill up their lives, one should just be content by having IPOD with far less space.

I wonder how many owners of 80 GB IPOD Classic can make use of the space effectively.

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Andreya said...

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