Friday, August 10, 2007

Arctic and the owner

I think it has been a long time that an area is so highliy disputed. The last time war erupted due to claims over a treasure-rich area was perhaps in the colonialism era where "new worlds" were plundered. I wonder whether the history is repeating itself with the current claim of Arctic. Many countries are spearheading multiple missions to claim pieces of north pole, said to contain oils and God knows what. Never did once those countries talk about preserving the area., Never did once those countries said anything about the environmental catastrophe that might happen when lots of human venture and even stay in the pristine environment.

Untouchable by human for million years, north pole is known to contain rich ecosystem due to the isolation from the rest of the world. The findings of many new and unique species happen only when the ice melt. I wonder how many of those claimants of north pole truly realize the meaning of north pole without ice.

I am wondering what do we, human, think of our north pole and our earth without ice. I wonder about the perception of the value of future when it seems that many of us only think about living the now with such a greed. For me, it's a scary thought.

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