Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The news are fast and furious in reporting the failures and defects of China made product. It's as if suddenly all China product has a "DANGER" sign pasted all over. I remember clearly ten years ago how my parents have kept reminding ourselves about the possible of made-in-China. It was also widely accepted that cheap products equal to low quality and my parents realized the matter fully when they decided to buy made-in-China. Yet, somehow someone nowadays is trying to blow up the danger of China made product into such a gigantic proportion. It's pretty unfair to China. Their products should have always had the same level of reliability since the first time China market is open for investment. Product quality does not degrade over night!! Big corporations who are jumping the cheap guns are partly to blame. Principle economy has always ruled the expansion and search of suppliers. "Get the most while paying the least". We, consumers, need to be realistic. Hoping to get a good buy with low cost is partly dreaming and partly contributing to the poverty of huge part of the world! Your money is ending up anyway in the employees. Eventhough we might argue about corruptions, higher amount of money we pay should still end up with at least a bit higher pay than when we pay super low.

It's not too late for the consumers to take responsibility of their own lives on their own hands instead of blaming "made-in-China". It's not too late to realize that "you get what you pay for" and it's not too late to realize that the wish to push down cost has caused big companies and manufacturers to contribute to the woe of billions of poor people/ employees in the world

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