Thursday, August 2, 2007

Standards and working ethics

I wonder how long it would take for someone to learn the standards being followed by an organization. Be it ISO, JIT, TQM, TPM, Six Sigmaor whatsoever, it seems that methods to standardize processes are very much in the trend. Although I believe all those are useful, I can yet figure out how to apply them in an organization effectively.

Truthfully speaking, unless the top guys really show their commitment publicly, I don't see how the lower ranked guy would ever think of burdening themselves with the enormous needs of documentation. Each single piece of documentation can easily be used as political warfare munitions. How can it not be if every single meetings are to be minuted and every single email will be rooted out to pinpoint whose fault this and that is. Gah, the misunderstanding around the use of standardization really amuses me a lot.

It's even a big wonder why we call certain processes and things standardized when people can't produced out the example of the standardization or how the standard method/ process should go about. How do educate the middle managers and seniors if the standards are lost in the complexity of an organization?

I can't even stop to wonder how many small organization with employees of <>

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