Friday, August 10, 2007

Time and love

There is equal number of hours in a day for every single human. However, the perception of whether the nature has provided enough time for every single one of us hugely varies. Some might be running a 100-m sprint race all their life while chasing they-only-know-what. Every single point of their life, they are wondering what they are doing and why the time is never enough for them to reach their goals. Some might be standing still and still of the same feeling as the previous group of people. Some other people might be running 100-m sprint race punctuated with standing still while realizing that they do have enough time to race. Some people might be running with a constant slow speed and still feel burned and not have enough time to gain everything.

The difference of all those people should lie on one single item: the perception of success.

Undeniably, every single soul on earth wishes to live a successful life. Even kids who seem to love only playing should be yearning for success. The difference perhaps lie in their perception of success, which should be winning over their "enemies" in sports game, words game, etc. Additionally, stay-at-home mom might feel that they are successful when they have raised a "good" child. What is success is difference across the board.

Executives might be running round the business track with money dangling over their front sight while wearing side-blind. They are arguably running like a horse in a horse race. Knowing nothing but chasing what's in front of them, the money is always felt to be of the same distance and so unreachable, yet they keep running. These are the people that prone to feel the lack of time.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some people who are slow and perhaps without much talent to call their own such that they are working (or not) with low pay (or nothing at all). Some of these people might be feeling the harshness of the world and cursing their life every single time they have a chance to do it. In contrast, some of them might actually feel more lucky than the executives.

I think everything lies on where we set our goals. The sight of success and the feeling is pretty much tunable according to our own wish. Setting a far flung dream and chasing it all time long distract the living of the now and the joy of life is easily forgotten. I feel that we need to really think about our own life and limited capability while understanding its impact to how we perceive success. Success should come in the form of joyful feeling of life, which should be perceivable without owning 1 million dollars or sitting in a directorship position. Of course, I acknowledge the fact that a single soul can change the world, as has been proven time and again. By all means, if you feel that you can do it, do it. The key point is not to lose sight on what we actually values most and re-tune our perception of success to include not only us but perhaps our loved ones. To align how we think about success and how they feel about our success is very important. That's another success point.

For those who think they don't have a loved one, perhaps they can stop to stand still and see the surrounding. There are many people who need love. It just that our living race perhaps have distracted us and make us forget about them. It's not that easy to remember that in giving that we receive. In loving that we feel the love.

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