Thursday, October 11, 2007

Addiction to money

Money is very important, isn't it? Without money, we can't get a staying place, we can't get food, etc etc. We can even buy happiness, can't we? Yeah, to a certain level.

Many of us is caught in the race to earn money. Little did we realize that earning money is addictive. Yup, ADDICTIVE. Why is it so? It's because there is only a slim chance that we'd think that we have had enough money. You can see clearly that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Murdoch, etc are still making money, don't they? Not that I think they are addicted to money, it's just that they are still earning money while they have had tonnes of it.

People are inspired by the rich, easily nowadays. So, we race to earn more and more money while thinking that our family needs the money. At first, perhaps the family is very supported. However, as we earn more, there is high tendency that we lost the first and foremost thought that we might have wanted to earn just enough money for our family. We end up earning money enough to feed the entire province in Indonesia, for example. Then, as we earn and look for money, we unwittingly distance ourselves from our family, slowly but sure. At the end, it's highly probable that we'd lost our family, at least mentally and spiritually.

Beware, myself and friends, that while money is needed, earning it need to take into account our family as well. We'd need money, but balance is very important. It's either we set the balance and purposely spend the time with our family or we'd just lose the balance.

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