Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Work ethics

I believe it's understood by all employees that a company can progress well only by having a highly productive and efficient + creative employees. Yet, it seems very difficult to get employees whose work ethics is at least reasonable.

People in general dilly-dally in order to get a few spare time for themselves. The dilly-dallying of people in a working chain further increases the lead time of product delivery. At times, we can't blame them anyway. It's not easy to find superiors who can sort out and provide equivalent work scope and job allocation to everyone. Ideally, every person has to be given a non-action packed time in order for them to rest or think about non-action related part of the job! A person who is madly trying to reach deadline and clear as many jobs as he/ she can is not going to be very creative or innovative! The less creative and innovative employees a company has, the less progression the company can make. This chain reaction is overlooked by many people.

Engaging both sides of the population is very important. Open discussion should be encouraged to level up the job. I believe it's very important for a company to purposely assign task force to look at business process improvements. However, there is a need to purposely allocating time for the task force. Doing so, the top management indicates to the entire office population that business improvements are indeed in the priority. Often, chasing deadlines induce dementia to the top management and office lives end up as rat race. I do think that this is partly the cause of many turn overs in lots of companies.

Strike the balance! Only happy employees will stay. Yet, not only happy, the retained employees must be those with willingness to improve themselves and the company!

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