Friday, October 5, 2007

Time and Value

I'd like to write something about time and value (not time and money) :)

At times we'll meet people who really concerns about money. So when they are faced with a choice to save some dollars, they'll go all out to get that. Say, a shop somewhere in town is selling an item for 40 dollars, while a shop in the neighbourhood sells the same item for 50 dollars. Yet, to travel to town, one will need to spend a total of 1.5 hours in the journey. Still, some people will travel just to save that 10 dollars. Little did he/ she realize that he has lost that 1.5 hours of his precious time and little did he/ she realize that transports still cost something!!

One thing that normally slips the mind of such people that time has a value that far exceeds the monetary savings that he/ she might obtain. Referring to the paragraph above, that 1.5 hours of his/ hers could have been spent resting, be with his/ her family, doing some other hobbies, etc. Those time that was gone can never be turned back. The passing time can not be obtained again. Hence, the Value of time used wisely if priceless. Why should you save that "little" amount of time while sacrificing the time that could be used for something priceless?

Think about it. Use your time to be with your family or doing something you love rather than just merely thinking about saving some little sum of money. You can earn the money, but you can never earn time. :)

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