Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Do we need to categorize dreams?It seems to me that most people should have the dream of "being rich" and then "doing nothing" type of dream, shouldn't they? All of us simply want to enjoy. Yet, this so-called dream of material richness, how attainable is it? I don't think there is >1% of the world population with enough money to warrant abundant life without working.On the other hand, there are, arguably, simpler dreams like having a good family, starting a business, becoming an outstanding chef, becoming an author, and so on and so forth. Then, there are wild dreams of basketballer wishing to be a singer, like the guy in High School Musical. All these are relatively easier to attain than a super broad dream like "becoming rich" aren't they?

It seems to me that there are 2 types of the so-called dream, one attainable, the other far far away type of dream. Where shall we draw the line?


nightcrawler said...

i'm beginning to think that attaining a phd is gonna be the latter. I have half the mind of giving up now. Maybe i am a failure at this.

Andiyanto said...

somehow I think we need to work on a rather achivable dreams and move in steps instead of just plucking a dream from an unknown somewhere and chase it.

feeling a failure at a spot seems quite normal though. it's how we need to figure out on which place to head to.