Friday, June 29, 2007


Breastfeeding has long been proven to provide additional immunity to the babies. I'd say more breastfeeding produce less mortality in babies and therefore, more children who will buy powdered milk. But then, those milk powder producer prefer to market infant formula, claiming milk powder is better than breast milk (Philippines). I wonder whether more living infants buying advanced formula for age 6 will give more income to the manufacturer or selling infants < 6 months milk formula. I tend to think that more surviving baby will give more income though since babies from 6 months onwards still need milk powder hehe... on the other hand, babies, who take infant formula, having higher mortality rate might only live for 6 months or less and not gonna need any more milk powder in the future :P


Florencia Edith said...

hahaha.. this is quite a thought! so i suppose it's a matter of getting the gain now (when baby is < 6-month old) or later (when they're older and thus will definitely need powder milk)? =P

Andiyanto said...

True. I believe that the longer-term profit generates more than the short-term one. Perhaps the company should try to calculate that.