Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Human being, inc.?

Yeah, heard podcast from Robin Sharma this morning. A great guy with tonnes of great tips.

One of the best is his proposition is the establishment of human being, inc. That is to treat our lives as a big corporation with vision, missions, long term goal, and short term goal. Inclusive of weekly meetings aka self reflections. I think it's a good idea. Having such informations in hand should help one to be aware of oneself more and more each day.

I think one need to be more flexible than a big corporation though. Big corporation has tonnes of resources but less agile compared to the small size firms. Therefore, small size firms might have edge in adapting to changes. I suggest that the human being, inc. needs to be more balanced and be more agile like small firms yet having the organization and aims of a big organization. Humans tend to be fickle and many times one doesn't really know the exact missions and visions that one wants. Therefore, the short term and even long term goals including visions might change over time. The weekly reflection is going to help a lot in growing mentally and spiritually as one learn more and more about oneself each week.

Sounds very religious to me hahaha...

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