Thursday, June 7, 2007

Create market for employee or create employee for the market

Normally, jobs are created first and then thoughts are being put to consider what type of employee is available to fill in the market. I would like to propose job market creation with employee being put in mind at the very first step. So the jobs are created FOR the people. This should be the way to go if the world is to care for the elderly and disabled. Perhaps, jobs should be created especially for them.

The experience of the elderly can be clearly tapped by service industry where counseling and hospitality is needed. The talent of many disabled people to sing perhaps can be tapped to produce a good band that can outsell current pop singers. In Singapore, I reckon you can really gather a really capable music instrument players + singers from the disabled. Most of them sings a LOT better than the contestant of Singapore Idol while the disabled are only a mere buskers on a busy streets, perhaps some even in a quiet corner of the town.

Perhaps a job that does not require standing can be created for the ones on wheel chair. Even a simple order taking in KFC or McDonald should be doable for the disabled who are bound to wheel chairs.

Perhaps counselling jobs can employ elderly who like to chatter. Since parents nowadays rarely chat with their children, just let those attention seeking children or perhaps the sincerely love-looking children to chat with the chatty elderly. The elders can teach one or two things about being poor or being lonely to the lonely kids and the lonely kids can be the "adopted" children of the old man/ woman.

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