Sunday, June 3, 2007

cost of the future

What's the cost of your future?

What's the cost of securing a good future for your children?

We have been accumulating so much pollution on earth that the future has been predicted as a bleak one. I wonder what has we been doing? Is it so difficult to realize that what we do today affect the future? What's so difficult about realizing that the algae filled lake in China is not easily cleaned and it's the weak ones in the community (read: children) who will suffer the most. What will the children think of his parents' generation for causing such disaster upon him?

What's so difficult to control the urge to litter as well? Singapore is said to be a clean country with BIG fine for littering. To tell you the truth, litters are still almost everywhere, if you know where to find though. There are quite a number of cleaning troupes in the public places frequented by tourists, but not so much on the corners of Chinatown, Bugis, or the neighbourhood bushes. I clearly remember the comment written in The Straits Times about the authors noticing a family leaving a whole bunch of rubbishes at their picnic place, 2 m away from rubbish bin. Amazing isn't it?

I guess it's natural for us to want to sit back and just get other people to do it for us. Well, if you want to provide better living environment to your kids, maybe you'd like to act now?

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