Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Honda and sedan

Wow, Honda City, Accord, Jazz, and CR-V are really tough to beat in Indonesian automotive market. ( Those models have reigned in their respective segments for a real long time. CR-V takes as many as 49% of the market share for SUV. Amazing. CR-V used to decline in market share when Nissan X-Trail was launched but the new CR-V launched early this year help CR-V to bounce back to the lead. On the other hand, despite Jazz having been launched for some time, its image as being a trendy city car has helped it to stay on the lead. Honda City boasted a i-DSL engine which is fuel efficient while having relatively larger torque.

Nevertheless, Toyota rules in the automotive market with its highly popular Toyota Kijang. After all, floods are occurring more and more often in Indonesia and the road condition in Indonesia remains pathetic (i.e. lots of holes). MPV is indeed very useful in those two conditions. Haha.. There are some complains about Toyota Kijang getting higher and higher in price though. Hehe... Indonesians are price sensitive as well. It might be good to consider that. The multiple variants strategy has worked so far so good for Toyota Kijang though. I hope they manage to keep the lowest priced variant one as low price as possible. :P

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