Monday, June 4, 2007

You and the environment

I wish to play a part in saving the environment. However, at times, it seems to be very difficult. Even in this internet and electronic age, printing on tonnes of paperm which only < 10% of the contents are actually used, is still a commonplace in Singapore. I cringe when I see people printing on one side only and printing 1000 pages of report just to have its printing quality checked and then get the paper thrown away. Why is it so difficult for them to just use the electronic version in the checking? Doh..

Okay.. granted that we need better screen quality to lessen the strain to our eyes. After all, 3/4 of Singapore populations are myopic mainly due to improper computer usage and improper reading method. But still, printing 1000 pages when only 10% of the contents are needed is a bit too much. Haiz... there is a real need to educate people on this.

I do admit that I print a lot of reading material as well so I can read them on my journey home from work. At times, I generally feel the need to have a PDA for that hahaha.. However, I'd then consider about the electricity usage and the non biodegradable content of the PDA. I guess there is a need to draw a line here. I'd stick with printing double sided and getting the waste papers to recycling bin at the moment.

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