Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Balancing your value and chance given by employee

I wonder what does it take to convince an employer to give a junior rank employee, whose responsibility doesn't allow much room to be creative, a chance to prove himself.

The working environment nowadays really relies heavily on the employee to prove themselves. However, hierarchical structure of most companies has created huge pyramid framework such that entry level employee is hardly featured at all. It depends on how "kind" the middle level person then to expose the entry level's added value to the top rank. Sounds a bit heavy handed to me since politics comes into play, often. I wish more tank rank management executives are willing to listen and give challenge to the entry level people. Seems a hard wish considering those directors are busy with their own things. One must really plan and brain drain to plan for methods to show that one's value is higher than expected then.

That's the world today. Truth is that "Patience is the way"

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