Sunday, May 27, 2007

Personal branding

Each person always talks and acts according to what one's subconscious mind tells one to. I call it personal branding. In a way, we would like to behave like a certain ideal personality. Therefore, our subconscious mind steers our action towards depicting that personality as ideal as possible. Normally, we don't realize what is happening. Depending on our opinion and/ or view to someone, we would behave in a certain manner in front of that someone while behaving in an opposite manner to another person. Reflect your behaviour towards two persons of dissimilar dominance upon yourself and you'd know how different you are.

I don't think it's bad to behave differently to different persona. I'd call it flexibility. We as social beings always need that flexibility.

I'd like to, however, talk about how one can market themselves using that personal traits. Too often, one sells one ability through tangible goods and services. The subtlety portion of selling "oneself" is rarely undertaken mainly for fear of rejection. However, if one manage to sell one's personality and method of doing things, one shall gain amount of "followers", "admirers", and "haters" in unexplicable manner.

A example of personal branding could be found easily in the field of photography.
Let us say one photographer enjoys human photography. That photographer certainly has his own reason why he likes to take pictures of human, either human in action, human in stillness, and so on. When one engages a photographer, the best interaction happens when one is not putting the value to the photo but to the personality of the photographer. It's when one sees through the photographer's self and idealism that the best photo could be produced. Say, that person is buying the idealism of the photographer. Therefore, I'd say a photographer who manages to put to words his passion would enjoy the best customer around and he would be able to produce one-in-a-kind type of photography.

Nowadays, it's not the product and services that count. It's the story that matters and a story that links to the customers is the emotion of that sells.


Dan Schawbel said...

If your interested in this topic more, my blog is dedicated to Personal Branding.

I think you highlight a lot of good points.

Andiyanto said...

Went in and read your site. A very interesting one ;-)