Monday, May 14, 2007

Start working with care

Finally, a time to write something. A bit of warning that is.

Foreigners, be aware that you'd need a valid employment pass before you should start working full time in Singapore. Note that if you are without an employment pass, it's illegal for you to start working and if you do so, you might be deported.

If you came on social visit pass, applied and got the job. Then it happens that the company suddenly asked you to work within few days. Remember to gently remind the company that you are to have an employment pass BEFORE you should even touch a finger on that company's computer. You have no right to be paid by that company if you are to work before you have any working pass, valid one. The company can freely work your arses hard for free.

Rest assured, it's really easy to get an employment pass, as long as you have the skill and the company sign the valid application form for you. You just need to submit the application to Ministry of Manpower (MoM). The pass should be ready within a few days.

Please remember that training IS also a form of employment. Don't get cheated and read your contract carefully.

There should be a lot of people out there who is looking to exploit the naive foreigners who really want to work in the "safe haven" of Singapore.

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