Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Toyota and Indonesia

So, Toyota has the following guiding principles (according to The Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker):
1. Honor the language and spirit of the law of every nation and undertake open and fair corporate activities to be a good corporate citizen of the world.
2. Respect the culture and customs of every nation and contribute to economic and social development through corporate activities in the communities.
3. Dedicate ourselves to providing clean and safe products and to enhancing the quality of life everywhere through all our activities.
4. Create and develop advanced technologies and provide outstanding products and services that fulfill the needs of customers worldwide.
5. Foster a corporate culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork value, while honoring mutual trust and respect between labor and management.
6. Pursue growth in harmony with the global community through innovative management.
7. Work with business partners in research and creation to achieve stable, long-term growth and mutual benefits, while keeping ourselves open to new partnerships.

Wow... really, honestly, I am amazed by the principles. It really looks like the ideal corporate principles. THOSE ARE HOW CORPORATE WORLD COULD BRING THE WORLD OUT OF POVERTY. It seems like a way that could educate Indonesian to reach an at least respectable manufacturing lines. On the other hand, it makes me wonder. Considering point 3 of the guiding principle and the fact that Toyota Prius is the much talked hybrid and future car by Toyota, I can't help to wonder why is Toyota still producing car with only Euro II compliance car instead of Euro IV?

Euro II is applied in 1996 and was replaced by Euro III standard in 2000 before then Euro IV was proposed in 2005. Now, where does the "clean and safe" part of the principle goes to in Indonesia? Admittedly, Indonesia is really slow about environmental related issue (as of India, China, Malaysia, etc for the fact), but with its guiding principles, Toyota seems to be well positioned to take the lead in ALL countries not just in US with their Toyota Prius. Toyota should really show Indonesians that being environmental friendly actually translates to lower cost in the future. Longer term prospect! Come on, Toyota, show and apply your guiding principles in Indonesia. Help the community to change!!!

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