Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fish with leg??

It seems that the pictures above has been chain-forwarded around. It is alleged to be a type of fish with legs!! Imagine the hype it creates. Besides Coelacanth, a "living species" by the virtue of unchanged appearance from its ancient predecessors, which has a resembling of leg at its fin, there is virtually living fish with obvious legs yet found till now. Sorry to say folks, those who gets excited that the pictures above is a fish, that creature IS NOT a fish. Hehe... It is in fact a salamander, called Axolotl, an amphibian from Mexico (http://www.axolotl.org/).

Strangely, Australians and Newzealanders call the salamander, Mexican walking fish. It's anyone guess why it's called so ;-)
Well, it's not a fish after all. Haha... it's basically a salamander that maintained its larval form. Probably the easiest way to explain is through the metamorphosis of frog. Tadpoles metamorphoses in phases to become frog. If the metamorphosis stop at a stage where the leg is there but the larval appearance is maintained, well.... the tadpole will look like the Mexican salamander. :P Rather cute actually, this
Axolotl, it is kept as Exotic pet although it's listed as endangered :S

Oh by the way,
Coelacanth give births to young, not laying eggs as per normal fishes. There is also another queer looking fish, called rabbit fish or rat fish. It has a long tail like rats and a fin resembling a shark although the portion of the fin near the body is bigger than the end forming a "leg" looking fin.

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