Sunday, May 27, 2007

Revolution in fuel technology

Revolution in fuel technology is needed to propel automotive transportation to the next step. Cars has been running on gasoline for far too long. Petrol and diesel engine design has not achieve any significant breakthrough so far. I reckon unless a real significant breakthrough is reached, the increase in fuel efficiency and global warming contribution from fossil fuel burning shall continue to be high.

Future transports are undeniably compact (even mini) with non fossil fuel. There is no way for the world to sustain fossil fuel based transports in 2100. The crunch produced by the overall CO2 contribution to global warming is experienced world wide. Despite the many denials by many countries (big or small), the effects are there. The changes are felt. More and more people are conscious that they contribute to the world's well being. That change of mindset has fueled the growth rate of alternative fuel car sales in US (car like Toyota Prius). However, until now the cars sold commercially mainly utilize a mixture of biofuel and fuel, some runs on bioethanol-fuel mixture. Fossil fuel is still there. Even the argument is bioethanol generates less CO2 in overall is still controversial. It is not easy to formulate an accurate method calculate that.

The real mindset blowing experience could only happen when hydrogen fuel technology, for example, suddenly reach a breakthrough where commercially feasible and safe hydrogen engine could be produced. The world is still waiting for it to happen. Meanwhile, I say reduce your fossil fuel consumption. Start small and accumulate your personal carbon reduction.

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