Monday, May 7, 2007


Ascendas has just started its F&B business few days ago and today's newspaper reported the company buying a logistic center in South Korea. It seems that the company is being aggressive lately. It might not be a surprise for us to read another Ascendas expansion in 1-2 weeks time. Might stop at 3? Who knows..

F&B business should be able to make it big in Singapore. Well, Singapore residents tend to love food very much and Singapore has quite a stringent control on food which works well for an exporting company (if they export to developed countries, of course). Singapore Food Industries is an example how Singapore-based food industry can be successful. Its product is sold in Europe and Middle East, those are what I know anyway.

Logistics is the A-word of today's business. The globalization and ease of link between countries translate into a clear need of proper and effective + efficient logistics. The logistics center can also serve the other Ascendas businesses well.

Amazing hehe.. good move, I reckon

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