Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bonus last year?

I read with interest the front page of Today's newspaper on 9 May 2007. It wrote that PM Lee talked about the booming economy of Singapore. He apparently questioned a unionist about the amount of bonus that man had last year. The unionist was said to reply happily that his bonus is SEVEN months. O my.. I wonder why did my friends told me that their bonuses range between 1/2 month to 3 months at the most. I'd love to know where that unionist work at and what his position is so that I can move to that company. I have known some companies which do not even paid 13th month and have no bonus last year.

Ah well, statistics is such that you'd always look at the so called majority and forget the minority. Such is the world. I just hope people with big bonuses don't forget those poor old and homeless men/women living in Bugis and Chinatow. Btw, if you think that no poor people exist in Singapore, contact me and I'd bring you to see some of them :P

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