Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to enjoy life - Part 1

Here's the things we could do to enjoy life to the fullest, my opinion:
1. Walk with your normal pace and listen. Relax and listen to the sound of your surroundings, savour in the feelings of your surroundings, feel the bright sun or shining moon, the light breeze, the sounds of the people talking, whatever, feel alive! The best place to do this of course is a park or some place with small animals, safe place of course.

2. Take a cup of hot coffee, the fullest flavour you love. Get your music player and play some soft jazz music. Sit down to a soft sofa and sip your coffee, enjoy the music.... heavenly...
3. Lock your door. Turn on dance music (whatever the music type is). Dance to your heart content. Make those move you'll never show the public. Twist, turn, shake, whatever.. release your thoughts, dance, dance, dance.... Lavish the freeedommmmmmmmmmmmm........... just be considerate not to disturb your neighbour with your music volume though.

1 comment:

Florencia Edith said...

1. Mari kita ke McRitchie. Aku juga pingin jln2 ke taman.

2. Mari ngupi2 di flatku n duduk2 di sofa ruang tamu.

3. We can do that at my place too.. Just bring your dance music.