Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dominant and controlling leader

Some leaders are very dominant. Despites having some committee heads, they still want to control the workings of the committee and micro manage them. It's quite amazing to observe how these leaders pile job and job upon them. I don't think that's quite a healthy way of leading an organization. Micromanaging projects might let the leader miss out the big picture. Furthermore, at times the members would feel distrusted and discontent may easily brew.

A good leader should learn when to let go and when to hold a tight rein. It's definitely not easy to do that. It'd be good if the leader can identify experienced people from newbies as well. Experienced people should be sought for advice. That's why the Japanese organization are good in their successions. Highly experienced and skillful employees are trusted and provided with advancement. Leaders who distrust their employees and always hold tight control on everything are spelling their own project downfall and employee dissatisfaction.

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