Monday, July 9, 2007

Live earth - do they practice what they preach?

The live earth concert have so many celebrities that makes me wonder how much can be gathered if every one of them pledges to give just 1% of their income for green earth activities :P

But one other thing that I question is whether the event itself and the celebrities do what they preach. The event lasted 24 hours with so many electrical equipments wired that I bet it might just be equivalent to months of normal electricity supply needed by some remote village. It would be lovely if they can show that the electricity is supplied from green power source like solar or wind. Nevertheless, I don't think they use those power sources because if they do, they would have used it to hyped the messages further.

Not that I am an opponent of the concert. I am in fact a believer of energy conservation and pretty much a green activist in my own heart. I merely think that it's a shame for the organizer not to make the concert green :) A lost effort in that point of view.

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