Monday, July 30, 2007


Heat wave in Shanghai, at 40 C. Heat wave in Romania, 12 ppl died and temp reaching 42+ C. On the other hand, flooding occur in London, some parts of Europe and parts of China. The earth is dying. Even the air stream is reported to have change direction.

South Korean over zealous missionaries is still in Taleban's hand. Noone knows whether they are still alive or not after the dateline for negotiation has passed.

Japan starts to run hybrid trains. It reminds me of a story in TV about a man who lives self-sufficiently in Morocco. He runs his housing complex using wind and solar power. He has one or two cow for milk production and some chicken to lay eggs. Vegetables are abundant in his own farm. Amazing :) My discussion with a friend of mine converged on the thought that human needs to get self-sufficient in the same line as fossil fuels are running short. I don't think alternative energy will be in time to cover up the loss of fossil fuels.

The island of Kalimantan in Indonesia is suspected to have some Uranium. Too bad the country has poor skill in extracting such mineral. The risk of stealing and illegal mining by foreign agents was underlined by one of the local miltary officer of Central Kalimantan recently. I think the risk is real. It should be quite easy for countries with proper stealthing equipment to enter into Indonesian territory. Although whether they can survive the magical ability of the tribal people or not is up to your guess and mine. There have been many reports and sightings on the unearthly skill of some Kalimantan tribes. Supernatural/ psychic skills of human are not to be underestimated :)

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