Sunday, July 15, 2007

Job and education

Just met a friend from my faculty who is already jobless for a year. I wonder whether he is one of the considered outliers in the government and school's census saying that economy is picking up and graduates are getting jobs within 6 months of graduation.

The problem with university education nowadays is that it doesn't really teach industrial related skills. I find that most of the skills are really outdated. I asked around and my friends commented that they use probably, I reckon, 5-10% of what they learn in school. I guess university education is merely about getting the mindset then. Nevertheless, I do think that university needs to upgrade and update itself to the needs of the industry. Engineering faculty churning up students who end up working in insurance and banking industry are not doing justice to the society, especially when the manufacturing industries still need lots of manpower.

I confess that although I am graduated from a mechanical engineering school, I won't pass doing any complex drawing using engineering drawing software. I don't even understand tolerance pretty well despites all my good grades. Ouch.... Education really doesn't equate to proper jobs nowadays....

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