Thursday, July 12, 2007

What I saw yesterday

1. A guy wearing a neat pink long sleeved shirt and pink dark-striped ties. Doh, so many self professed metrosexuals tend to prefer pink colour shirt with shortly trimmed hair. It makes them so feminine. ^^"
2. A 20 something lady wearing hipster with at least 1 cm of her buttock split showing up on top of the pants :S
3. An old lady wearing bright pink low cut blouse with pink shoes :S
4. A early 20s lady playing pink coloured NIntendo DS. Great product colour from Nintendo DS. The simple and funny games it has should have further strengthened the base of its woman customers.
5. Doh, forget about others hahaha..

1 comment:

Florencia Edith said...

wo yau na ge pink Nintendo DS. :D