Monday, July 30, 2007

Those advice you read

Nowadays there are tonnes of self improvements. There are also many advices laying around.

This morning, I read an article that teaches how to write a "good" resume. The gist is that one should sell oneself and give lots of good figures in the resume.

I have only one disqueting feeling about such advice. If one is good with the job, perhaps in sales, one shoudln't even need to reach such an advice to know how to boast and put the figures into place in the resume. Often it's only when one realized that one was without any extremely good things to write in resume that one look for advice. So, in such case, how can the article help??

Furthermore, the article that tell one to boast about this and that seems to fail in considering that the bulk of students is not super bright and only a small percentage of student gets good mark while having tonnes of leadership position + extracurricular activities.

There is a real mismatch of what you learn from university and what the real world is looking for. At school, life skills are not taught and academic lessons are not tailored to fit in to the industry. At graduation, many graduates are left in the lurch, not knowing what to do.

I guess human resource employees need to learn how to read feelings perhaps. Perhaps those fresh graduates with less figure to boast should learn pour forth the passion they feel about the jobs they apply and recruiters need to relearn the basic human feeling that people can learn and they should be given chance to learn. Perhaps the complain on the difficulty to find skilled worker that I often read nowadays lie in the lack of willingness to give fresh graduates chances to learn.

As I glance through job ads, so many advertisement are open for people with experiences of 3 years and above. It's as if people can get experience without starting afresh. In Singapore, opening for fresh graduate nowadays open mainly for insurance agents and private banking sector. I feel sad for the multitude so-so fresh graduates.

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