Friday, July 13, 2007

Price and government

Singaporeans are well known to rely heavily on government to handle many things. Complaints are rife once something need straighten up and the request is for government to come up with rule A, rule B, etc.

Little did I came to realize that Indonesians are the same, or even perhaps, worse. After enduring nearly one or two week of milk price increase, mobs start to organize protest to ASK government to control milk price. How the heck does the mobs expect a government to control milk price?? By manufacturing more milk powder and releasing it to the market to increase supply? I didn't realize that the government is a milk powder manufacturer. Hahaha.. Considering that corruption is so rife and tax evasion is daily activities in Indonesia, the populations really need to wake themselves up from their dreams of relying on government to do anything. After all, the money is mostlyh in the mobs anyway. :)

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